In our ongoing series, another of our live-in carers shares her thoughts.

I now live in Spain having moved here 10 years ago. I enjoy Spanish life but as I am not yet pension-age, I needed to find employment.  The only work available in Spain was Villa cleaning, but this is horrendous during the very hot weather.

Three years ago I saw an Advert in a local paper that Christies were looking for Live-in Carers in the UK. As I had previously worked in a Hospice back in Scotland I felt that this type of work would be very suitable. After my background had been thoroughly checked I was very happy to be accepted as a Christie’s Carer and attended a week’s excellent initial training course.

When I was introduced to my first client I was quite nervous, but after a few days I felt totally confident in my ability to look after my client. My main concern is always to ensure that my client is well looked after and all necessary medicines are administered as directed.  As my clients are elderly ladies suffering from dementia, I feel it is necessary to involve them in their everyday routine, but also to try and stimulate them by taking them shopping and on walks. Indoors they enjoy playing cards and music, watching TV but they really enjoy looking back at old photo albums which remind them of their past, and I find this very interesting.

Although problems do arise, I am always confident that the Christie’s Support Teams will resolve them satisfactorily, and this is a great comfort. There is always someone at the end of the phone!

Being a Carer can be a very lonely job, but I try to keep busy by planning meals, taking clients for a drive, and general house – keeping duties.

I am very pleased to be a member of the Christies Care Team, and take great satisfaction in seeing my clients living in their own environment, and enjoying visits from family & friends.

Bridget Anderson

Thank you for sharing Betty.